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“It was a pleasure to work with Jill. The pergola has been a great enhancement to the house and never fails to win compliments.” ~ EP

My Clients purchased a house that had a bluestone patio with full western exposure that made the patio unusable.  They wanted some type of shade structure that would allow them to use the patio throughout the warmer seasons.  The project resulted in designing a pergola with a built-in retractable shade awning.

The patio prior to construction.

The patio with the pergola and the awning retracted.

The patio with the awning extended.

Construction detail.

“Jill did a great job of helping us prioritize our needs and providing suggestions that were developed after she gathered a full understanding of what we liked. During the development of our landscape and lighting plan, we were in the process of renovating and moving into our new home.  Despite our absence, Jill kept things moving and never failed to keep us informed of the progress.  We took great comfort in having Jill manage the project for us. The end result is a beautiful landscape and lighting combination that we will enjoy for many years.” ~ TS

My Clients bought a house with a large patio. The space had no definition and emphasized the large three story expanse of the back of their house. They wanted to soften the back facade, create shade, and break up the patio into different outdoor spaces. (Architect Andy Thomas.)

Back of house before.

Back of house with new pergola.

Patio before construction.

The dining pergola with the outdoor kitchen and bar area beyond.

Outdoor kitchen and bar area.

View of the pergola from the fire pit area.

Fire pit area.

"Jill quickly created a series of imaginative conceptual designs, from which we ultimately co-created a small garden of our dreams. She worked with us throughout the process of finalizing the design, choosing the materials, shooting the grades so as to ensure that the water ran off seamlessly, and working with the brick mason throughout the execution of the project.
Prior to Jill's brilliant design, the area had been a persistent nuisance, accumulating mud and rotting leaves. It was unusable.  Now it is our favorite outdoor "room". ~ JW

An area visible to all the major views from the house and garden needed improvement, so I was asked to help. To keep the weeds down, my Clients wanted pavement, but because of the importance of the view I suggested something vertical. We discussed a fire pit, a planter, and water. Water, because of its the movement and sound, fit the spirit of the site best. The helix fountain was chosen because the site was actually at the center of the area with different elements of the architecture spinning off from it.

View from the house before.

View from the house immediately after construction.

View from house two years after construction.

View towards the house before.

View towards the house after.

View from patio before.

View from patio after.